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Vishal Agarwal (born 1970) is an Indian-American author. He holds master's degrees in Materials Engineering and Business Administration, but writes on Indian philosophy, history and contemporary Indian society from an academic standpoint.

His articles also appeared among others in the Minnesota Star, Metro News (from San Jose), Baltimore Sun, The Wall Street Journal (by the Pulitzer prize winning journalist Daniel Golden) and in publications in journals such as the Journal of Indo-European Studies.[1]

He was also interviewed by Dr Martha Nussbaum (Professor of Law, University of Chicago) for her book "The clash within" which also describes Vishal's work.[2] In July 2006, he was awarded the 'Praachavidyaa-paarangata' award by the World Association of Vedic Studies, at their annual conference in Houston, Texas (USA).

Partial list of publications[edit]

  • A case study in Eminent Historiography, in India's Only Communalist, ed. by Koenraad Elst, Voice of India: New Delhi (2005)
  • Awakening Latent Spirituality, Nurturing Children in the Hindu Tradition. pp. 19–32 in Nurturing Child and Adolescent Spirituality, ed. by Karen M Yust et al., Rowman and Littlefield Publishers Inc (Chicago); 2006

Criticism of bias in Indology

  • The New Stereotypes Of Hindus In Western Indology [1]

Criticism of pseudo-science / psychoanalysis in Indology

Wendy Doniger

Criticism of Vinay Lal

Criticism of Romila Thapar

Criticism of Witzel

California textbook anti-Hindu bias


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agarwal, "Is There Vedic Evidence for the Indo-Aryan Immigration to India?", Dialogue (Journal of Astha Bharati, New Delhi), vol. 8, No. 1, July-September 2006, pp. 122-145.

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