The Problem with Secularism

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The Problem with Secularism is a book by Koenraad Elst.

  • 1. US thinker gives unthinking support to anti-India demands: a reply to Robert Hathway.
  • 2. "Indian secularism is systematically dishonest".
  • 3. The Saffron Wave.
  • 4. The struggle fir India's soul: A reply to Mira Kamdar.
  • 5. Learning from Mahatma Gandhi's mistakes.
  • 6. Religious cleasing of Hindus.
  • 7. What if Rajiv Gandhi hadn't unlocked the Babri Masjid in 186?.
  • 8. No Hindu justification for Islamic iconoclasm.
  • 9. Wahi: the supernatural basis of Islam.
  • 10. Let's combat communalism.
  • 11. Dhimmitude in Eurabia'.
  • 12. The case of M.F. Husain.
  • 13. A Hindutva reader.
  • Elst " The Problem with Secularism (Voice of India 2007): A collection of papers on Indian “secularism”. It contains rebuttals of cases made by Robert Hathaway, Mira Kamdar, Thomas Hansen, Ayub Khan and implicitly by the artist M.F. Husain. It contains a remarkable psychological analysis of Mohammed’s Quranic trance."


  • Gandhi refused to see the realities of human nature; of Islamic doctrine with its ambition of domination; of the modern mentality with its resentment of autocratic impositions; of people's daily needs making them willing to collaborate with the rulers in exchange for career and business opportunities; of the nationalism of the Hindus who would oppose the partition of their Motherland tooth and nail; of the nature of the Pakistani state as intrinsically anti-India and anti-Hindu.
  • It cannot be denied that Gandhian non-violence has a few successes to its credit. But these were achieved under particularly favourable circumstances: the stakes weren't very high and the opponents weren't too foreign to Gandhi's ethical standards.
  • For a “less than patriotic record”, Mr. Khan may look to the Muslim League, which firmly collaborated with the British and received the overwhelming majority of the Muslim votes in the 1945-46 elections on the single-point programme of rejecting the secular state in favour of Islamic separatism. Elst, K. Let's combat communalism. in : Elst, Koenraad. The Problem with Secularism (2007)