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Sudipta Sen is an Indian film director. He made his debut as a documentary filmmaker in 1997 with the film "The Other Wealth". He later worked as a producer at the World Bank from 1998 to 2002 . In 2006 he directed his first feature film The Last Monk which brought him recognition. His directorial hit The Kerala Story became one of the highest-grossing Hindi films of 2023.

Sudipta Sen was born in 1972 in a Sen Brahmin family in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. He attended school at BT Road in Kolkata and Jalpaiguri Zilla School in West Bengal. He later earned a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in applied psychology.

Awards and honours[edit]

   1997: Wins the Global 500 Roll of Honor Award for the documentary The Other Wealth at the Human Rights Film Festival in Geneva, Switzerland
   2006: Best Cinematography for the English feature film The Last Monk at the Cine International Film Festival
   2007: Best Film Award for Short Feature Film Akhnoor at Golden Gate Film Festival, USA
   2007: Integrated Realization Award for Short Feature Film Akhnoor at Belgium International Film Festival
   2007: Best Director for Short Film Akhnoor at San Francisco International Film Festival, USA.
   2008: Best Film Award for Documentary In the Name of Love! at the London Independent Film Awards
   2020: National Film Award for Documentary Film Guru Ji - Best Music Direction (Non-Feature Film)

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