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Spiritualisation is one of the stages in the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo. As described in The Life Divine (book II - chapter 25) it refers to the bringing down of the larger spiritual consciousness or spiritual transformation.

The spiritual transformation in itself however is not sufficient to avoid pitfalls of the spiritual path, or bring about Supramentalisation. For that, the psychic transformation is needed as well.

If the rift in the lid of mind is made, what happens is an opening of vision to something above us or a rising up towards it or a descent of its powers into our being. What we see by the opening of vision is an Infinity above us, an eternal Presence or an infinite Existence, an infinity of consciousness, an infinity of bliss, -- a boundless Self, a boundless Light, a boundless Power, a boundless Ecstasy.

— Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine

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