Self-Deception : India’s China Policies Origins, Premises, Lessons

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1. Bal chhutkyo bandhan padey… 2. Wish as policy 3. ‘We may have deceived ourselves’ 4. The policy is set 5. Anxieties are brushed aside 6. A satisfying tutorial 7. Carried away 8. ‘Two miles this side or two miles that side’ 9. ‘You didn’t even know we were building a road…’ 10. Prelude 11. ‘These are not excuses, but merely facts’ 12. The avalanche 13. A roundabout thesis 14. The chasm 15. Putting our hopes in inevitability? 16. Shilpa Shetty trumps Arunachal, again 17. Understanding them, understanding what they think themselves and us to be 18. Bal hoa bandhan chhutey… Index [archive] [archive]