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Ramachandra Guha (born 29 April 1958) is an Indian historian and writer whose research interests include environmental, social, political, contemporary and cricket history.

  • Ramachandra Guha himself claims that he’s a lapsed Marxist, a claim that’s suspect because this Hindu piece faithfully follows the Marxist template. The reason Guha attributes a symmetry between Hinduism and Christianity is because of Marx’s diktat that religion is the opium of the masses. And here’s a religion that refuses to conform to Marx’s definition of religion, which was primarily Christianity. Guha is thus forced to force-fit Hinduism into that definition. And that process necessitates intellectual dishonesty.
  • Ramachandra Guha is a known hindu baiter particularly terming it as " that idea that there was greatness in Indian or Hindu civilisation is like that the Ganga it is immortal, pure and beautiful. Like the Ganga that is polluted from source to sea, Hindu civilisation was polluted. Hindu civilisation practised the most degrading form of social behaviour called untouchability. Hindu civilisation oppressed its women. In Hindu civilisation there was division of manual labour and mental labour."[1]"

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