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R Jagannathan
Born Raghavan Jagannathan
Occupation Author, Editorial Director, Swarajya
Former Editor-in-chief of Firstpost, Moneycontrol and Forbes India

R. Jagannathan (full name: Raghavan Jagannathan[1]) is an Indian journalist who serves as the editorial director of Swarajya, an Indian magazine founded by Khasa Subba Rau in 1956. He assumed this position in December 2015.[2] Before that, he was editor-in-chief of all Network18 publications including the online news website FirstPost.com[3] and Moneycontrol.com as well as Forbes India. He left Network18 in November 2015.[4]

He has previously written for or edited publications such as The Financial Express,[5] Business Standard,[6] Daily News and Analysis, The Times of India and BusinessWorld.[7] He refers to himself as Jaggi.[8][9]


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