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Dr. N. S. Rajaram (Rajaram, Navaratna Srinivasa, 1943-) is an author and mathematician. He was born in 1943 in Mysore, in India, and he holds a Ph.D. degree in mathematics. He has worked in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and he has written extensively in the fields of archeology and ancient history.

Rajaram has done research in ancient Indian history and Indian archeology. Eurocentric study of these subjects has come under fire, recently, both in India and elsewhere. Among Rajaram's advantages, in his work, are his scientific background and the fact that he is a native speaker of Indian languages. He himself says,

"Indology is a ‘secular eschatology’ built around an[sic] Euro-centric view of the world... Its creators were driven mainly by European colonial and Christian missionary interests."[citation needed]

Rajaram's work and publications have investigated the lack of scientific methodology that has gone into the field of Indology. He has criticized the process by which, he says, eurocentric 19th century "Indologists / missionaries" arrived at many of their conclusions.

Rajaram questions how it was possible for 19th century European evangelical "Indologists / missionaries" to study and develop hypotheses on Indian history, when many of them were "functionally illiterate" in Indian languages, including even the fundamental classical language, Sanskrit. Such writers were not even able to read the most basic of ancient Indian historical texts, a skill critical in any evaluation of Indian history. Rajaram also suggests that many of these "Indologists" often had contempt for the so-called "paganism" of Hindu Indians and their culture, further contaminating their "research" in this area.

One particularly-interesting aspect of Rajaram's work is his examination of the development of mathematics in the ancient world, and of how this development relates to mathematical formulas found in the ancient Indian texts such as the Sulbasutras and the Vedas.

Talageri (2001) writes: As for Dr. Rajaram, that gentleman was unfailingly polite and courteous in his correspondence with Farmer and Witzel, even under the gravest provocation – something I would not have been capable of. In fact, he actually reprimanded me for chapters 8 and 9, which he felt were superfluous and unnecessary and detracted from the value of my work. He makes this point in his reviews of my book as well. But Dr. Rajaram was made the specific target of a long, sharp and bitter character-assassination campaign in the Indian media – a campaign actually announced gleefully and gloatingly by Farmer on the internet, asking readers to “watch out” for their “media-blitz” which would “expose” Dr. Rajaram (referred to with colourful epithets) once and for all on his home-turf!

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