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Mahātria Rā (born 23 May 1965) is a Spiritual Leader. He is fondly called as Mahātria[1] by his followers. He is the founder of infinitheism, an organization that provides a platform for anyone's transformation on material, emotional and spiritual pursuits. He had started his journey on this pursuit from 14 February 1995 when he founded a training organization called Alma Mater[2].

He has published a number of bestseller books[3] and conducted several public programs[4] with audience of over 10,000 people as well. He is known for his simplistic and yet powerful ways of communicating the highest wisdom to common man. His weekly growth sessions called infinipath[5] are webcast live on every Sunday from 7 am to 9 am IST which is viewed by several thousands of people across multiple countries. His videos are widely published in YouTube and circulated in social media. His vision is to help people to grow holistically to actualize and maximize their potential[6].

Mahātria Rā
Born T.T. Rangarajan
(1965-05-23) May 23, 1965 (age 58)
Chennai, India
Residence Chennai, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Spiritual Leader
Organization infinitheism
Spouse(s) Sucharitha Rangarajan (married 1991-present)
Children 2
  • T.T. Durai Rajan (father)
  • Vanaja (mother)

Early life and personal transformation[edit]

Education / Software industry[edit]

Born as T.T.Rangarajan[7], he was fondly called as Ranga by his family members. At the age of 16, soon after his schooling he was pursuing his graduation in Maths during which he had to take up a job due to family circumstances. He relocated to Pune, India for his first job as software trainer and from then on he was called as Rajan by his coworkers. Further on he pursued his career as software consultant in Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai. In 1988, as a 23 year old, he returned from Dubai to Chennai and setup his own Software Consultancy firm called Greymatter[8].

Epiphany moment[edit]

He went on to become very successful in his software business until a situation arose in his friend's life who committed suicide. This affected him as he couldn't accept the fact that in spite of being highly qualified his friend took the extreme decision of committing suicide, unable to handle the emotions. This situation raised question within him on the significance of education system if it does not teach a man how to lead life. This is when as he was glanced through the books in a bookstore in Chennai, he came across this Chinese proverb:

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime[9]"

Alma Mater[edit]

He chose to be part of the solution by handing over his business to his successor and started Alma Mater[2] on 14 February 1995 to teach life skills. The main focus was to integrate standard of life with quality of life through training programs. Initially Alma Mater started with developing communication skills and over a period of time several attributes for the overall development of personality was incorporated which include leadership, personality development, relationship handling, health and spirituality. The tagline of Alma Mater was 'an evolving consciousness...'. Over a period of time, he realised that for every problem the solution lies in the spiritual evolution of human-being. This was realised during the annual spiritual retreats that he used to organize for eight days called Top Gear. This had created a significant transformation on the well-being of the followers of Alma Mater they were called as Almanites.

Birth of infinitheism and Mahātria Rā[edit]

Realizing the great hunger for human endeavor on material, emotional and spiritual realm, he decided to expand his reach worldwide and changed the complete operating model by diving the path called infinitheism on 11-11-2011 at 11.11 am IST in Chennai, India. This was created in completely new ways and he consciously removed the traces of Alma Mater as he believed a new consciousness is required. Accordingly, he changed his name from Rajan to Rā. While Ra is the name of his human presence, the cosmic that is expressing through him is undefinable. This is experienced through his discourses and the annual retreats called HDB[10] (Higher... Deeper... Beyond...) which is way beyond human abilities. Therefore, the cosmic presence that is expressing through him is referred as Mahātria. Put together he is referred as Mahātria Rā[11].

infinitheism was divined as a path by Mahātria and the follower of the path is called an infinitheist. While this is a path of holistic abundance and yet it does not claim as another religion or a cult. The vision of infinitheism is to inspire breakthroughs... For more details about the path, please go the infinitheism Wikipedia page.

Most popular messages of Mahātria[edit]

Mahātria is known for his expertise in storytelling and one liner messages which are very potent and cause for transformation of so many lives. Here is a gist of some of the most popular messages[12][13]:

  • Holistic Abundance on Health, Wealth, Love, Bliss and Spiritual Connect;
  • The power of a man is in the power of his mind;
  • The belief you hold at the beginning of a journey, defines your journey;
  • What is, is; What is not, is not;
  • There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way;
  • The language of life is love;
  • The spelling of LOVE in a relationship is T.I.M.E.;
  • Life is Beautiful;
  • Pray as if everything depends on God, Act as if everything depends of you;
  • Every good human-being has the moral responsibility to be rich;
  • An hour a day of investment in health, 23 hours of freedom to enjoy life;
  • There are three important relationships - relationship with self, relationship with others and relationship with Thy;
  • The only way to show our love for the messenger, is by living by his message;
  • Faith works, Faith alone works;
  • Faith is above god;
  • Problems are compartmentalized, whereas solutions are always holistic;
  • This And That is possible;
  • Peaceful Progress;
  • Energy + Intelligent Efforts + Faith in the Energy = Miraculous possibilities.


Mahātria authored the following books:

  1. Unposted Letter[14] - originally written in English and translated further in Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu & Tamil
  2. Most and more...[15] - originally written in English and translated further in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil
  3. Clarity is Power - originally written in English and translated further in Hindi

Apart from books, he is also Chief Editor of growth magazine called infinithoughts[16][17] published by infinitheism spiritual foundation private limited.

External reference[edit]

About Mahātria is available in the official website of infinitheism [archive].

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