M. J. Benharoche-Baralia

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M. J. Benharoche-Baralia was a French occultist, author, and student of the Cosmic philosophy, although (according to Satprem) he never actually met Theon. He was badly wounded in the First World War.

In 1967, Benharoche-Baralia published In the Shadow of the Cosmic Tradition which was described as a Contribution and introduction to the study of the first lesson of the Esoteric Tradition. It is a dense and technical work of occultism, based on the cosmic philosophy of , Max Theon, and . Among the many subjects covered are: initiatory technique, ancient initiation, ontology, permanent time, self-knowledge, occult exercises, consciousness and its awakening, the history of occultism, the esoteric Tradition, symbolism, and the twenty three letters of biblical alphabet.

In 1971 he sent a copy of the book to The Mother (Mirra Alfassa) as an expression of his respectful admiration, and asked for her help in dealing with a health issue causing physical suffering. (see Mother's Agenda vol.12, pp. 264-9).


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