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Integral art is can be variously defined as art that reaches across multiple quadrants and levels, that transcends and includes all limited forms, interpretations, or perspectives, as the belief that every human being is creative and that art is integral to all human endeavours, or simply as art that was created by someone who thinks or acts in an integral way.

A problem of definition[edit]

There is no one form of integral art, and although the term is most commonly applied in the Wilberian context, it is in no way limited to that paradigm or organisation. Integral art may equally derive from integral teachers like Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, or other integral thinkers, or simply developed integral art independently.

Integral artists[edit]

As with Integral thought in general, any list of Integral artists wil be controversial.

Integral artists influenced by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother[edit]

  • Michel Montecrossa is a musician, film director, cyberartist, and futurist, who established an Mirapuri, a New Age community in Northern Italy. He is author of the 12 part DVD series "Meditations on Savitri, based on Sri Aurobindo's epic poem

Integral artists influenced by Ken Wilber[edit]

  • Alex Grey (b. 1953) is a psychedelic visual artist whose works have been admired by Wilber and others. He painted a famous illustration of Wilber as the bodhisattva Manjushri, which (along with Brad Reynold's book where it appears) seems to have been instrumental in Wilber's apotheosis by some of his followers
  • Stuart Davis (b. 1971) is an eclectic musician whose works include the concept album Bright Apocalypse. Mystical and integral themes feature large in his lyrics. He is a follower of Ken Wilber

Other Integral artists[edit]

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