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The Integral Research Center is an American-based think tank associated with the MetaIntegral Foundation committed to supporting the global community of scholar-practitioners in the field of integral research. Formerly associated with John F. Kennedy University and the Integral Institute, the San Francisco Bay Area-based Integral Research Center specializes in interdisciplinary and mixed-methods approaches to addressing complex, 21st-century challenges in service of planetary flourishing (i.e., ecological resilience, social well-being, and actualizing human potential).

It was founded in 2008 by Dr. Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, who served as research director until 2012, and continues to serve as a senior researcher. Nicholas Hedlund-de Witt, who served as research coordinator from 2008, is the think tank's current director. Other key members of the team include senior researchers Zachary Stein, Gary P. Hampson, and Gilles Herrada, as well as associate researchers Annick Hedlund-de Witt, Karen De Looze, and Lauren Tenney. [archive] [archive]