India’s Only Communalist. In Commemoration of Sita Ram Goel

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India’s Only Communalist. In Commemoration of Sita Ram Goel (Voice of India 2005): Collection of a number of comments on or inspired by the historian-publisher Sita Ram Goel.

1. The sagely activist 1

2. India's only communalist: A brief biography of Sita Ram Goel by Koenraad Elst 11

3. A case study in "eminent" historiography by VishalAgarwal 32

4. Sri Sita Ram Goel by Lokesh Chandra 66

5. Hindus owe a great debt to Sita Ram Goel by Ashok Chowgule 71

6. Some recollections from my acquaintance with Sita Ram Goel by Koenraad Elst 79

7. Sitaram Goel, modern India's greatest intellectual kshatriya by David Frawley 95

8. Sita Ram Goel: some reminiscences by Shreerang Godbole 99

9. Goel leaves behind unsung research by Prafull Goradia 116

10. Rights and Writing by Subhash Kak 119

11. Sita Ram Goel taught his people their history by Saradindu Mukherji 130

12. Remembering a Karmayogi by Virendra Parekh 143

13. Sita Ram Goel, a doughty warrior for Hinduism by Baljit Rai 162

14. Intellectual kshatriya par excellence by Navaratna S. Rajaram 181

15. The ideological battle by B.K. Rao 191

16. A hero of our time by Shankar Sharan 210

17. Academic researches versus Hindu civilization by Gautam Sen 226

18. Sita Ram Goel, memories and ideas by Shrikant Talageri 239

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