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Fact-checkers didn't exist until the truth started getting out.
Fact checkers = Fact censors
"Fact-Checkers" are Actually "Fact-Blockers."
Who Fact-Checks The Fact-Checkers?

There are no independent fact checkers. If there were, the media would ignore them and big tech would censor them.[1] [archive]

While the word ‘vaccine’ may be banned, the word ‘fact checker’ will only gain traction as a general term used for any scientifically illiterate person who uses arrogance to vilify those who speak the truth and promotes - in exchange for dirty money - a narrative and groupthink mentality that are merely inspired by the interests of the stakeholders they blindly support. [1]

They are paid corporate shills; that is Professional Liars. Some of the ‘fact checker’ backgrounds turns out they were spending years working for the MSM. They are in nuts and bolts corporate shill presstitute media rebranding themselves as ‘fact checkers’ to get around the distrust.

Steve Kirsch said, All the fact checkers I know are camera shy. After I got one of them on tape, none of them want to talk to me anymore (since I insist on recording the conversation).[2]

The function of “fact chokers” is to discredit the truth and vindicate the official narrative. It is beyond belief that anyone would be so gullible as to rely on a “fact check” website.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ob4z8LpNsQBY/ [archive]

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