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Vivekananda in yoga posture
The Mental faculty or part of the being, in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, is the conceptual and cognitive mind. Unlike Western psychology, in which mind and consciousness are considered the same, Sri Aurobindo strongly distinguishes between the "Mental" and the "Vital" (emotional) faculties, as well as between Mind and pure Consciousness. Sri Aurobindo in part bases his concept of the Mental on his reading of the Taittiriya Upanishad, the mental being (or perhaps just the Mental Purusha) is the mano-maya-atma - the self made of mind (manas). (Full article...)
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  • ... that in 2012, a three-day World Congress of Religions conference was organized by the Institute of World Religions to commemorate the 150th birthday of Swami Vivekananda?
  • ... that Tao Porchon-Lynch, who studied under Sri Aurobindo and Indra Devi, has been recognized as the world's oldest yoga teacher at age 95?

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Hindu scholar Sarah L Gates is collecting data on Bias and Prejudice Against Hindu Identity, Faith and/or Culture. Without data, there is no next step forward. Please take some time to fill the survey. Link to Survey [archive]

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  • December 03 Margashirsha Purnima, Dattatreya Jayanti
  • December 3 2003 - Death of Sita Ram Goel
  • December 7, 2010 Varanasi bombing
  • December 11, 1931: Birth of Osho
  • December 11, Death of Ravi Shankar
  • December 13 Saphala Ekadashi
  • December 13, 2001: 2001 Indian Parliament attack
  • December 15 Dhanu Sankranti
  • December 16: Victory Day in Bangladesh and India (1971)
  • December 21: Uttarayana, Winter solstice
  • December 26: 1998 - Death of Ram Swarup
  • December 29 Pausha Putrada Ekadashi

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Dr. Koenraad Elst's Comments on Indic Viewpoints to Refute Pollock's positions

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To succeed, you must have tremendous perseverance, tremendous will. “I will drink the ocean”, says the persevering soul; “at my will mountains will crumble up”. Have that sort of energy, that sort of will; work hard, and you will reach the goal.
~ Swami Vivekananda ~

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