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Anti-Hinduism is a negative perception or religious intolerance against the practice and practitioners of Hinduism.

Tulsi Gabbard who introduced the “Break Up Big Tech Act” said: “Big Tech companies are acting with impunity as they police our speech, squash debate and censor those whose speech they deem unacceptable. These big tech companies are now working together to make sure that they are coordinating the deplatforming of those whose voices big tech does not want to be heard. This is incredibly dangerous. And it directly undermines the fundamental principles of free speech that are at the heart of who we are as a country. Their actions fly directly in the face of the commitment that I and every service member have made. “I may disagree with what you say, but I and every service member are ready to sacrifice our lives to protect your right to say it.

Google, Youtube[edit]

Wikipedia calls Love Jihad a Hindu conspiracy theory, and whenever there is a Love Jihad story on YouTube, YouTube attaches a advisory linking to that Wiki claim.[1]



Anti-Hindu bias and censorship of Hindu-positive views and scholars is very prevalent on wikipedia.

See Wikipedia

Other wikis[edit]


About Rationalwiki, on a different topic than Indology, it was observed:

A concerning development from the most recent ‘LCI era’ of controversy is the presence of a number of hamartographic pseudo-biographies (attack pages) hosted on a website called, which ... have the potential to inflict serious reputational harm upon intelligence researchers. Furthermore, RationalWiki’s attack pages on intelligence researchers contain numerous factual errors (such as unwarranted imputations of political affinities,using terms like ‘alt-right’, ‘eugenicist’ etc.), coupled with unsubstantiated claims that those researchers are engaged in ‘pseudoscience’. Collectively, these pages demonstrate poor understanding of the relevant literature on the part of RationalWiki’s contributors, as well as unchecked ideological bias. In fact, the existence of these pages is illustrative of the ease with which ‘fake news’ and other mis-information can spread online, creating yet more hazards for individuals who choose to grapple with controversial but important topics in the field of intelligence research. [1] [archive]

This description also applies to articles on India and Hinduism on Rationalwiki (and other wikis).

Mainstream social media[edit]




See Anti-Hindu bias and Facebook


See Anti-Hindu bias and Twitter and True Indology


See Anti-Hindu bias and Reddit


Anti-Hindu bias and Quora


Indology online forums[edit]

See writings by Rajiv Malhotra, Yvette Rosser, etc.
See Michael Witzel
See Indology forums, groups and email lists

Hinduphobia & White supremacy on the Internet[edit]

White supremacy is intricately entwined with Hinduphobia and Indophobia.


The Daily Stormer / Andrew Anglin / Gameruprising

One of the most well known white supremacists, Andrew Anglin, and the related Daily Stormer webblog, feature some of the worst Hinduphobia and Indophobia that can be found online. Anglin speaks of the "Indian problem", supports Hindu genocide at the hands of the Taliban or Pakistan, supports the anti-Indian hate of people like Nixon and Imran Khan, claims Hinduism is devil worship, etc. This extreme Hinduphobia fits well with Anglin's equally extreme white supremacism, anti-semitism, homophobia, transphobia and misogny.

The Unz Review

A far right anti-Asian website with frequent articles attacking India or Indians.

The Occidental Observer

This far right website publishes anti-India articles that claim that the Indian government pester the US government to invade Pakistan [archive], when in fact it is the US government that has always supported Pakistan even when Pakistan initiated wars of aggression against India and against Bangladesh (1971). The editor, Kevin Macdonald, also published a book ("Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition", 2019) that supports the Aryan invasion theory.

Anti Hindu hoax websites[edit]