Asterisk in Bhāropīyasthān

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Asterisk in Bhāropīyasthān is a book by Koenraad Elst.

Elst " Asterisk in Bhāropīyasthān. Minor Writings on the Aryan Invasion Debate (2007): A collection of scholarly papers on the evolving Aryan homeland debate. One of them exposes the petty professorial politicking by leading Aryan Invasion champion Michael Witzel. For the rest, the author remains aware that most scholars simply don’t know the arguments for an alternative homeland, so he develops these further, esp. the linguistic argument and the argument from the astronomical data. He sets the record straight on the political use of the different positions in the debate. "

From the book[edit]

Unlike many other books on the Aryan invasion debate, the present collection of papers does not promise to terminate the debate with a final judgment. It merely puts on record a number of arguments I developed in recent years, mostly in an actual debating context. None of it is very eccentric, in fact it all remains safely close to the mainstream save for a few details.

  • The Official Pro-Invasionist Argument At Last;
  • The Rg-Veda in Afghanistan;
  • The Politics of the Aryan Invasion Debate;
  • Sarvarkar, Hinduness & the Aryan Homeland;
  • The Harappan Script Controversy;
  • Petty Professorial Bickering in 'The Indo-Aryan Controversy': A Note on a Harvard Professor's Assiduous Misrepresentation of my Position in the Aryan Invasion Debate;
  • Astronomical Chronology of Vedic Literature: Some New Arguments.