Anti-Hindu bias and Twitter

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Anti-Hinduism is a negative perception or religious intolerance against the practice and practitioners of Hinduism.

Twitter is the speech enforcement arm of the US government and they will censor the truth if it conflicts with the narrative.[1][2]

Twitter has permanently banned accounts like True Indology on its platform, and Twitter has censored and silenced many other accounts. @trueindology’s account was blocked for uploading a quote taken from a book published by the Indian Council of Historical Research..

Other censorship examples are the recent bannings of accounts — such as of famed actress Kangana Ranaut — and declaring BJP leaders’ tweets as ‘manipulated media’. The account of milk cooperative Amul was blocked by Twitter for uploading two beautiful and strong banners — one showing the famous Amul girl standing up to Chinese military aggression.

This could be a case where Western companies go into an Asian (or Latin American or African) country, become the de facto platform for speech, then start censoring the people they disagree with in order to change the political order. Regime change is a political tactic used in the past decades in Latin America, Libya, and elsewhere. This is the opposite of freedom of speech. It is allowing a foreign entity to censor your public conversation as in the British Raj.

Twitter's lost its immunity as an intermediary in India and became exposed to legal liability for any content published on its platform in June 2021.[71] Twitter's snubbing of Indian law has been described as "neo-colonialist."[3]

Opposition to censorship[edit]

Alex Berenson, one of the many victims of Twitter, has made a demand for an immediate public retraction of Twitter's false and defamatory statements and for his banning.[4]

Censorship on Twitter[edit]

Censorship of tweets[edit]

Censorship and banning of users[edit]

Banning of True Indology[edit]

See True Indology

In 2019, Twitter blocked the True Indology account. True Indology's twitter blog exposed the anti-Hindu agenda in media and academia.

"Manufacturing consent" toolkit used for social media propaganda on Twitter[edit]

In 2015, some celebrities like Greta Thunberg and Rihanna were caught spamming politically motivated propaganda, taking orders directly from a "toolkit". This has led to accusations of "manipulated media".

Rihanna was allegedly paid $2.5 million by a Public Relations firm with alleged Khalistani links for spamming the propaganda following the orders in the toolkit.[5][6]

“Shit shit shit … Can you not tweet the toolkit … Our names are on it.” That was the message Disha Ravi texted to Greta Thunberg on February 2 2015, begging her to take down a tweet she had posted with a link to a Google Docs file. Thunberg quickly took down the tweet and later posted a link to an “updated” document with incriminating details removed.[7]

With the toolkit fiasco, Greta and Rihanna have shown to the world that they are manipulated "tools" who manipulate their fans. These are actions of independent, rational thinking individuals. [archive] [archive] [archive] [archive] [archive] wikipedia censorship [archive] [archive] [archive] [archive]

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