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Academic Hinduphobia: A Critique of Wendy Doniger's Erotic School of Indology
Book cover of academic hinduphobia.jpg
Cover of the book Academic Hinduphobia
Author Rajiv Malhotra
Country India
Language English
Subject Indology
Genre Non fiction
Publisher Voice of India, New Delhi
Publication date
Pages 464
ISBN 978-93-85485-01-5

Academic Hinduphobia: A Critique of Wendy Doniger's Erotic School of Indology is a 2016 collection of essays written and published in the early 2000s[1] by Rajiv Malhotra "critiquing Western Indology and discussing a wide range of challenges confronting Hinduism, India and the world,"[2] published by Voice of India. The book was inaugurated by Dr. Subramanian Swamy at an event at India International Centre at New Delhi on 10 July 2016.[3]

The book was reviewed at Pragyata.[4] The author wrote that "The book is a pleasant read because the described characters are variegated and the events on the ground are swiftly advancing all while the ideas are being developed", adding that "It is... persistence of the same anti-Hindu attitudes that makes this book more than a historical document: it teaches Hindus what to expect today if they challenge the Indological establishment."[4]

Koenraad Elst lauds Malhtora's at attempting to write a book on the prevalent anti-Hindu sentiments among indologists and academics in United States. Elst argues that American academia has deep nexus with American foreign policy interests and the Christian missionary apparatus which reinforce each other.[2] Elst summaries the undercurrent of the book and at the same time shows the hypocrisy of the critiqued American indologists by saying,

"Malhotra prepares the ground for his Breaking India thesis, where different forces unite with a common goal: to de-construct India’s majority culture and fragment the country. At the same time, he sketches the psychology of the Hindu-haters, explaining why they have such a good conscience in lambasting Hinduism and trying to destroy it. They like to see themselves as the oppressed underdogs, or in this case as champions of the oppressed, in spite of their privileged social position and their senior position vis-à-vis the born Hindus who come to earn PhDs under their guidance."[2]


  1. The Academic Cult of Eroticizing Hindus[note 1]
  2. The Asymmetric Dialog of Civilizations
  3. The Axis of Neocolonialism
  4. RISA Lila - 1: Wendy's Child Syndrome.[note 2]
  5. RISA Lila - 2: Limp Scholarship and Demonology[note 3]
  6. Wendy Doniger on the Couch: A Tantric Psychoanalysis (2015)[note 4]
  7. The Insider/Outsider: Academic Game of Sarah Caldwell
  8. Response to Jeffrey Kripal's Sulekha Article[note 5]
  9. The Bindi as a Drop of Menstrual Blood
  10. The Interpretation of Gods
  11. The Washington Post and Hinduphobia[note 6]
  12. Challenging The Washington Post
  13. Hinduism in American Classrooms

According to Malhotra, the essays are a critique of "Wendy Doniger's depictions of Hinduism which most Hindus found vulgar and outright insulting," and have been republished in the wake of the withdrawal of Doniger's The Hindus: An Alternative History from the Indian market, due to a lawsuit "alleging that it was biased and insulting to Hindus."[1] The withdrawal led to extensive media attention, and renewed sales in India. According to Malhotra "the drama has diverted attention away from the substantive errors in her scholarship to be really about being an issue of censorship by radical Hindus," hence the republication of his critique of Wendy Doniger[1] and scholars related to her.

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