2022 Karauli violence

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On April 2, violence broke out in Karauli after stones were pelted at a rally taken out to celebrate the Hindu new year. About 35 people were injured in the violence and houses of more than 80 people were burnt, authorities said. The incident took place when Hindus took out a rally to mark Nav Samvatsar (New Year), passing through a Muslim-dominated area.[1] The Hindus celebrated the occasion for the first time in seven years.

Even though the violence was started by Muslims, the usual suspects have started the "blame the Hindus" blame game.[2]

One headline said ‘Muslims shut shops just before Karauli violence started’: Another Hindu exodus looms large. The report further said "All the shops owned by them are safe. The mob specifically targetted the Hindu shops and set them on fire," added Garg, accusing the Muslim mob of meticulously planning the attacks on Hindus in advance.[3]