2015 Rampur riot

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The 2015 Rampur riot took place in Kupgaon under Milak Kotwali police station in the Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh.[1] The riot started after cows belonging to Hindu community entered the fields belonging to Muslim community which destroyed their crops.


Later on some people fired on a religious site killing a 15-year-old boy Sanju Rathore. Three cops were suspended for not taking appropriate action.[2] According to report the mob was instigated with a loudspeaker to avenge the destruction of crops in the fields by cows belonging to Hindus.[3] Police arrested the culprits whose firing led to the death of Sanju Rathore.


It was reported that many people left the village due to fear of further violence.[4] The boy was shot when he was cleaning the temple premises. After the death both communities clashed with each other and burned shops.[5] However Aaj Tak reported that the riots started due to accusation of stealing cattles. After the riots, police searched homes and took the school students to their homes.[6][7][8]


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