1996 Delhi blast

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1996 Delhi blasts also known as Lajpat Nagar blasts occurred in Delhi in 1996 which killed 13 people. [1] A terrorist outfit Jammu Kashmir Islamic Front was held responsible for the blasts. Three members got death penalty [2] and one got life imprisonment. [3] The blast took place in Lajpat Nagar on 2nd May. [4] All the convicts were Kashmiris. [5] Delhi High Court acquitted two of the convicts who got death penalty from lower court and another convicts death penalty was reduced to life imprisonment. [6] High court blamed the police for their casual investigation and failure to gather basic evidence. [7] The blast was followed by 1996 Dausa blast, [8] and all terrorists were trained by Pakistan's ISI who funded the blasts in Delhi, Dausa and other parts of India. [9]


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